The Sanctuary

Mr XL Smith is a US Air Force Veteran who has been helping people improve their lives through diet, fitness, movement and positive motivation for over ten years now! He calls his sancturay the “Fitness Dungeon.” His vision is to meet people wherever they are, help them identify their strengths and suggest any positive fitness routine that will enhance future growth.

His burning desire to help, coupled with his knowledge and experience of fitness programming design based on individual needs has allowed him to construct individualized, very personal plans for many people with the desire to change for the better.

Mr XL Smith has made a positive impact on thousands of people’s lives, helping them lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves, their lives and their future.

His clients range from those who are overweight and are ready for positive change in their life to athletes of all ages and sports experience who are ready for something different and eager to learn how to take their fitness to the next level.

He has worked with children as young as ten years old, has motivated elderly people to start getting healthier, and works with everyone in-between to bring uplifting and edifying change into their lives.